Sports Nutrition

Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.

Thrive Sports Nutrition has one goal. To provide athletes of all levels with the nutrition plan they need to train and perform their best and to optimize their health. Sports Dietitians understand the science and they are on top of the research. They know how much to eat, the timing of what you eat and understand the mix of protein, carbohydrate, fat and electrolytes you need to perform your best.

An SDA Accredited Sports Dietitian is your food and nutrition expert, trained in both sports science and clinical nutrition. Eating well is not about deprivation; it’s about learning what is in the food you eat and understanding which foods to choose to meet your sport, weight and health goals. An Accredited Sports Dietitian can provide you with these tools, whether you are a recreational athlete or competing at an elite level.

SDA Accredited Sports Dietitian’s have rigorous university qualifications, undertake ongoing training & education & comply with the Sports Dietitians Association guidelines for best practice.


Individual Sports Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition coaching tailored to you is essential to maximize performance. A sports dietitian will asses the your current health, weight, concerns, current practises and goals. We provide you with a nutrition plan based on your current eating regime and specific to your competition and event goals and current training plan. We will work with your specific nutrient and supplement needs and teach you which are key for you. What you eat and drink is essential to maximize the quality of your training, for recovery, competition, weight loss / weight gain.

Body Composition Testing

ISAK-accredited anthropometrists can give you a more accurate calculation of your body composition (for fat loss, muscle gain/ bulking up) than scales. We use the restricted profile, measuring 8 skinfold sites, 5 body girths and 2 bone breadths, to estimate your body composition, somatotype (relative leanness/ muscularity) and per cent body fat.

Workshops / Seminars

Seminars and workshop are available on a range of topics e.g. sports nutrition, weight management, supplementation, fad diets for athletes, intolerance and allergies and event nutrition. We can also tailor these presentations to the specific needs of your group and a range of other topics can be covered.

We also have access to a range other health professionals available for tailor-made seminars on your topic of interest- including physiotherapy, podiatry and exercise physiology.

Sporting Team Consultancy

We can provide complete anthropometry and body composition assessment and monitoring, complete nutritional analysis and nutritional education and support delivered via one-on-one consultations or group presentations.